Our Journey

We are committed to investing responsibly and has been on a steady and focused responsible investment journey. As allocators of capital we believe that incorporating the consideration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into our investment and ownership decisions makes good investment sense. We firmly believe that, as the custodian of our shareholders’ and beneficiaries’ long-term futures, it is the right thing to do.

1970 - 1998

Unlisted instruments managed on Old Mutual’s balance sheet.


IDEAS Managed Fund established with an explicit social development mandate, focusing on economic, social and renewable energy infrastructure.


African Infrastructure Investment Managers (AIIM) established in a joint venture with Macquarie and appointed to manage the South Africa Infrastructure Fund (SAIF).


Financial Sector Charter (FSC) signed, a voluntary transformation charter by South Africa’s largest financial sector participants and the catalyst for the creation of the Impact Funds.


Old Mutual Private Equity (OMPE) Fund I and the AIIM African Infrastructure Investment Fund (AIIF) launched. Old Mutual Alternative Investments begins to scale.


AIIM Empowerment Fund (IEF) established, enabling black economic empowerment in infrastructure investments, addressing past inequalities.


Impact Investing established with a plan to commit R3.4 billion in development finance for the creation of some 60,000 housing units over a five to 10-year period.


International Private Equity Fund of Funds established.


International Fund of Funds I launched.


Impact Investing Housing Impact Fund South Africa (HIFSA) launched, with a social development mandate of investing into affordable housing.


Impact Investing Schools and Education Impact Investment Fund South Africa (Schools Investment Fund) launched with a focus on affordable private schooling in South Africa. AIIM Lagos office opened allowing for in-region presence in West Africa, coinciding with the launch of the AIIF2 Fund which had the first environmental and social management system specified in the fund agreement.


AIIM Apollo and IDEAS Renewable Energy Sub-Fund launched.


AIIM becomes a first mover and leading equity investor in renewable power plants in South Africa, with construction of the Cookhouse Wind Farm, the first wind farm in South Africa, followed by the Umoya Wind Farm and the REISA Solar Farm. AIIM Nairobi office opened, furthering the in-region presence in East Africa. The Africa Fund of Funds launched.


Old Mutual Retirement Accommodation Fund (OMRAF) launched, with a focus on investment in retirement accommodation aimed at the middle- to upper-income market. OMAI acquires 100% of AIIM. AIIM appoints first full-time internal ESG Advisor. OMPE Fund IV reached final close.


AIIM appoints second ESG Advisor. OMAI embarks on the development and implementation of fit-for-purpose ESMSs for each of the capabilities. An ESMS benchmarking exercise undertaken to consider the best ESMSs globally within private market fund managers. From this benchmark, new fit-for-purpose ESMSs developed and implemented.


AIIM Abidjan Office opened, allowing greater in-region presence in West and Francophone Africa. AIIM appoints third ESG Advisor.


AIIM AIIF3 Fund launched. ESG practice across OMAI established with four dedicated ESG specialists. OMAI’s ESG and Impact Management Framework further built out and implemented. AIIM reaches 28 renewable power plants under management, Impact Funds 36 affordable schools and 17,110 affordable housing units transferred. OMAI funds shortlisted for five global awards for ESG, with AIIM winning SuperReturn Africa ESG Manager of the Year award and Investment Week Best Ethical Alternative Asset Fund award.


Impact Investing launch EduFund, the second affordable schools fund. Across OMAI the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) implementation begins to better measure and manage climate related risks. AIIM reaches 32 renewable power plants under management, while Impact Investing reach 41 affordable schools and 18,426 affordable housing units transferred. OMAI ES Policy is updated and Modern Slavery Policy established.